Te Aroha Show 2016

The 120th running of the Te Aroha A&P Show was held in what proved to be trying conditions for both photographers and competitors as sweeping showers frequently drenched everyone on the grounds. The showers were often accompanied by a cold wind, this was followed by either heavily overcast skies or brilliant sunshine. Debbie Stevens and I persevered and showcase the photographs we took on the day.  There were five rings all running simultaneously - enough to make a photographer giddy - but we did our best to cover what we could.  Unfortunately the Working Hunter Hacks and Ponies missed out this time but please be sure to check Waikato A&P pages for photos taken there last week as if you were a competitor there is a good chance you will be included there.  Also very limited coverage of the First Year Ridden unfortunately - we will be sure to focus on you at the next show we attend.  Remember to check both my page and Debbies page to locate the class you competed in - they will be located side by side on the home page and clearly named. 



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